Pirate Prep Clinics!!! 9/23/20

Pirate Prep Clinics!!!

Focus will be given to coursework, though I can adapt or break down things to any level. Will have contacts, tire and broadjump available.

Wanna train Contacts, Weaves, or just polish your handling before the big weekend?

Who’s up for a handling bootcamp to prepare their agility team for the Pirate Cluster????

Photo by Janneke Case

Come join us for 2hr Clinics on Saturday September 26th. We will meet at both my field in Palm Bay (afternoon) and our Jupiter Farms (morning) locations.

Pirate Prep Clinic at JUPITER FARMS, FL – Saturday September 26th 8:30am to 10:30am cost is $50
Pirate Prep Clinic at PALM BAY, FL – Saturday September 26th 5pm to 7pm cost is $50

I am leaving times open in case we need to add groups. Palm Bay field has plenty of lighting if we want to make time later but days are starting to cool off a bit (for FL).

CONTACT US for details!