“Water WORKS!! – Swimming and Water Games for Fitness and Balance”

Did you know that swimming is one the best and most complete exercises for your canine partner? It is not only a wonderful and fun alternative for the heat of FL summers, but it low impact on joints, while at the same time builds endurance and strength by engaging the whole body.

Have you always wanted to teach your dog to swim, but not sure how? Is your dog afraid of water, but you would like to help them be more comfortable?

Perhaps you have a pool at home and would like to make sure they can safely get out, and learn how you and your dog can take advantage of this wonderful water resource!

Come join us for Swimming and Fitness lessons! You won’t even have to get wet yourself! These will be group lessons, so your dog can rest in between repetition, and so you can benefit and learn from watching the instructor work the different dogs at whatever level of exercise they are.

Sheyla will work each dog at their level! Whether it is teaching them to swim, retrieving and water manners, balance games and other water fitness tricks, though this is a group class, instruction will be tailored to what your dog needs.

We encourage you to bring treats and toys (ideally floating, water appropriate ones) and if you like you can bring a life jacket. Instructor will also have life jackets available in different sizes, for use during class.

There is plenty of shade nearby for you and your dog to wait between swimming turns, and the property offers plenty of space to walk them around to potty (especially important after swimming) and dry off.

Sheyla has taught many dogs of all sizes and breeds to swim through the years, including her two Pugs Elphie and Minnie, and Satya the water loving Bulldog. Most of her summers in Davie and Miami, were spent teaching dogs to swim as part of her Dog Camp programs. She understands that not all dogs are the same, and that not all are natural born swimmers – doesn’t matter if they are retrievers or from a hunting breed. The key is in helping them feel safe and comfortable, and showing them how fun and rewarding the water can be!!!!!

Instructor: Sheyla Gutierrez

Location: Jupiter Farms, FL

When: 1 hour class, Wednesdays at 10:30am on 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30

Cost: $100 for the series. Maximum of 6 dogs for class.

**There is a possibility of working a group Friday afternoons at 4pm, so let us know if this Wednesday time slot doesn’t work for you.

Contact us if interested at sheyla@sheyladogs.com