Getting a new dog or puppy ready for a performance sport career requires:

– Building a strong working relationship through focus & control exercises;
– Creating enthusiasm & motivation including building their natural toy- and play-drives;
– Developing good balance & body awareness to maximize athleticism & minimize injuries over a long career; and
– Establishing a complete understanding of basic cues and commands for good manners.

These “Building Blocks” will create a good foundation for performance sports by building trust and a desire to work with you from the beginning. Whether you have a young pup or a new rescue that needs to develop some confidence, the exercises and games in this class will help you bond together and be better prepared for a performance career. And it never hurts to revisit these “building blocks” with more experienced dogs to refresh these skills.

Learn all the fun ways to train these skills in your upcoming performance star – but most importantly, show them that spending time with you is REWARDING!!! This is the basis for a good career in performance sports. After all, it’s not just about the dog, but about the team you can become!

This class is appropriate for puppies of any age as well as adult dogs needing more connection with you 🙂

Class will consist of 6 Weekly Lessons, and you will have unlimited access to the material. Level of participation is entirely up to you: you can post videos and ask questions on the different exercises, or just choose to work on your own. Most of these exercises can easily be done indoors, where the A/C is nice and cool, not to mention, dry 😉

Cost is $125.  After we receive your payment, you will receive an email with information on how to access the course.

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Access to Building Blocks Online Class


  • After payment is received, you will receive an email with the web address and class login information.