Are you limited in space and agility Equipment? Don’t let that limit your SKILLS!

Agility is an ever changing sport, which requires an ever increasing number of skills from you and your dog. I find that many of us spend a reasonable amount of time training weave poles and rewarding our contacts and tables, but not everybody spends time rewarding jump efforts or practicing skills over a bar, even though jumps are the most abundant obstacles on an agility course. For years, I lived in small homes with no real open space to train, except when we went to class. Since I craved more agility than my weekly lessons, I started to do small homework in my living room. Often this training would be fitness and conditioning exercises, or contact board work, but I soon decided to bring a jump indoors and start working those too. Really, the number of agility skills you can train and practice on a single jump is only limited by your imagination!!!

Join us in training a LOT of essential skills with just ONE JUMP!!!! From Front Crosses, to Sends, to Backsides, to Fancy Moves, there are COUNTLESS agility skills that can be practiced and taught with minimal equipment. Let’s see if we can RULE some of them!!!!

Whether you are new to the sport, have a young dog or pup starting out, or an experienced team, this class will have something for EVERYONE!

Class will consist of 7 LESSONS. Each lesson will contain written descriptions, diagrams, and video of the exercise and you will have unlimited access to the material so you can review it at your convenience. Post videos for my review and comment, or simply work at your own pace.

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