Online Classes

Courses available are (click on each link for complete information and cost):

  • ONLINE PUPPY – is your basic puppy class, and includes husbandry items, basic obedience, focus, body awareness and relationship building games. It has 6 Lessons with about 8 to 10 exercises each.
  • BUILDING BLOCKS – is focus games, relationship building games, and foundation behaviors for performance dogs. It includes 6 Lessons as well.
  • COURSE ANALYSIS – is a lecture lesson, full of ideas on how to read a course, how to memorize it, how to use your course copies to figure out ideal lines, and how to apply these ideas to your walk thru. It also offers a discussion on how to choose the ideal line for you and your dog.
  • ONE JUMP – this class is all about jumping. From jump foundation exercises, to proper jumping form, backsides, and threadles, it covers a LOT of material. It is currently 7 lessons with 8 to 10 exercises each.

All classes include written description of exercises, and video demonstrations. One Jump also includes sketches and images you can download and print to take with you for training aid to remind you of the homework. Course Analysis is more of a lecture type class, but all others are homework based, and video posting for review is encouraged. Details on cost for each class is in the links above but feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions!