New Group Classes in Palm Bay, FL December 2018 and beyond…

I am excited to be offering some new classes starting December 2018!


“WINNING MANNERS” – Agility Trials are full of high energy dogs, and it seems we breed and train for faster and focus on the happy – yet, we often forget that the dogs must actually get to the ring through an environment that is often bordering on CHAOS. I often see dogs fail because they lack the social skills to deal with the trial environment, whether it’s that they are protective of their crate and so barking and lunging at any passersby, or they can’t control themselves from screaming at the thought that they will be running next. Some dogs are too aroused, others are too fearful, and yet, the result is that these behaviors often affect their performance IN the ring adversely. Winning Manners Class is for dogs that need to refine their social skills, whether it is learning to handle their arousal, so that they are quiet ringside and can better keep their wits about them to run once they actually get in the ring, or simply learn to handle other dogs socially in their environment. Come learn how you can help your dog WIN by improving overall manners! Class will be an ongoing series, with a “Skill and Challenge of the Day” feel, where people can come to train and learn ways of encouraging a more relaxed reaction to the environment from their dogs thru different scenarios. This class will be open to dogs of any age and skill level, since prevention and early intervention is the best remedy against these types of problems.

Groups will be a maximum of 8 teams and class will be an hour. Class will be our usual $25/session, and you will sign up each semester.

I am currently planning two different groups:


Mondays at 5pm (December 3, 10 & 17)

Thursdays at 7:30pm (December 13, 20 & 27)
Cost for the month of December is $75 and you can contact me to sign up!



WEAVING MANIACS MINI SERIES – weavepole challenges to proof, build understanding and independent performance! Take your weaving to the MAX!!!!! Stay behind, drive confidently ahead, move away, move backwards, into walls, and thru distractions – master it all, so you won’t have need to doubt your dog’s weave poles again!
Weaving Maniacs Mini Series – Monday 12/10 and 12/17 at 7:30pm
Maximum of 6 teams. Cost is $50 for the mini series.

Contact me if interested in this mini series!

And, Coming in January…



Contact us if interested in any of our new classes!