Group clinics on Saturday November 24 in Palm Bay, FL

Group clinics on Saturday November 24 in Palm Bay, FL 
Puppies and Foundation Games from 4:30 to 6:30 pm
2 hr Clinic, where we can practice some of the skills discussed in previous focus and puppy clinics and build on them.  Games will test Focus, Body Awareness, Training with Distractions and even get you going on some Agility Foundation skills. All Challenges & Games will be appropriate for young pups, since most will be on the flat and off equipment.
Handling Clinic from 7 – 9pm
For any dogs already sequencing 8-10 obstacles. We will work on full coursework and break down the course as needed by the team. Emphasis will be on choosing the best path and handling strategy for each team.
Cost $45 per clinic per dog. $80 for both clinics.
Clinics will be in Palm Bay, FL
If interested, Contact us at or through the form below: