UKI US Open – November 11 – 14, 2021

Day 1

So Kyber finished 5th in Winner Takes All, WON (by over 4s!) the National Rd 1 (Jumpers), and finished 9th in Speedstakes which puts him in SS Finals tomorrow!!!Rebel suffered from being second of my dogs today as I unfortunately caused her some mistakes with my tiredness…she had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Winner Takes All but I didn’t tighten her up on a line and caused a wrong course E, she has a BYE for Rd 2 Nationlas so didnt get to run that, but we rallied and had a clean run in Speedstakes that earned her 3rd place and a spot in SS Finals!

Courses were AWESOME TODAY! CHALLENGING and LONG but with lots of flow and fast! The dogs really loved them! I am EXHAUSTED! I actually had over 10,000 steps by 9am this morning just from walking from ring to ring and walking the courses for both dogs. I love the way the venue is laid out because its wide and doesn’t feel crowded, BUT it does make for long distances. My feet will need a break tomorrow

Here’ a playlist to our runs:

Day 2

Kyber and Rebel ran their hearts out in Speedstakes Finals! I couldn’t be prouder of these two youngsters! I caused Rebel some bobbles by trying to play it safe, so decided to just go for it with Kyber 🙂 Wish I had tightened up that back line with him a bit more but I was too busy hanging on to my Pegasus Pony! I cant believe how happy Rebel has been this weekend, she did get a bit inside her head walking into Finals tonight (with all the cheering and screaming as we walked in from the dog ahead of us, I wasn’t surprised) but I just teased her and asked if she was ready to run and showed her the tunnel – she so clearly said Game On 🙂 I just love how smooth this girl moves, and how she makes things seems so effortless!!!! I swear she wasn’t even panting at the end!

After running Rebel, I chose to go for it with Kyber ad try to stay ahead. We both LOVED every second of our run, this boy is just ALL HEART!!!!!!!! Our start line snuggles are the best, and I love to see him smile at me before we run. I AM SO IN AWE OF HIM AND HOW HE GETS AROUND THESE COURSES with his signature giant stride! Thank you Karen Thompson for my Pocket Rocket Rebel Princess and thank you to Holly Etkins Chalker , Susanna Woycitzky and Jaimie Weber for my incredible Kyber Pony he is simply a dream!!!!!!! Not sure on results yet as I cant find them anywhere, but I am proud to say both dogs had a score 😉

Day 3

Day 3 UKI US Open and we are all showing signs of being tired except Rebel 😉 Kyber was clearly mentally fried, but managed a nice try at the National Rd 2 where we held on until the very end when I tried to slow him down a bit for the DW and ended up getting him back into the tunnel. I scratched him from MS Jumping in hopes to let him rest for Challengers tomorrow. Rebel got a miraculous clean run in Nationals Rd 2, though she fought me every step of the way. She finished in 9th place with some VERY wide turns and call-offs, so she will be in Finals today.

Wow! She was back to being a perfect teammate and had a BEAUTIFUL MS Jumping Rd, with just a tiny mistake at the poles. Her MS Agility was an E because my Little Rocket got miles away from me on the line to a backside after the tire and instead of saying AROUND I said her name and HERE….DUH! We will see how Challengers goes for Kyber and give our last best efforts for National Finals. Regardless, my kids have been amazing this weekend and I have had the BEST of times!!!!

Day 4

Holy s*#t, how to summarize today? I guess my shirt says it all – REBELS HAVE MORE FUN!!!!

Today was an incredible gift and yet another lesson on always believing and persevering 🙂 yesterday we started to pack up the trailer….Kyber seemed exhausted and I totally thought Rebel’s Rd 2 run, though clean, couldn’t have been fast enough to make the cutoff. I guess the Universe had other plans because she did get in, and since I woke up at 5am anyway, I figured I would take Kyber in for one last run. Boy am I glad I did!

Kyber was a total badass in Challengers, no we did not win the class (that honor went to the amazing team of Perry DeWitt and Wit, who ended up then WINNING the Championship), but we gave it an outstanding try and the Pegasus Pony ended that class in 3rd place!!!!! Yes I could have tightened him up, and perhaps I should have risked my life again and tried to get a cross before the Dog Walk, instead of leaving him there to ponder (LOL!) but I am beyond thrilled with my Kyber Krystal and truly feel the He is One with the Force!!!!! Oh what a rush that run was! Sharing my video because I couldn’t help but celebrate like a lunatic! Lol!!!

And then of course there is my Rebel Princess…..she ran in FINALS!!!!!!!!! She was PERFECT even if I almost had a heart attack thinking she was going to go into the weaves from the tunnel. Never a dull moment with this Pocket Rocket! We even got to sit on the top box for a few dogs (the perks of being one of the first dogs to run!). In the end she finished 3rd among some wonderful company! My favorite part? Sharing laughs (and cookies and cheese) with Elizabeth Blanchard and Deacon as well as Cosmic, who had some amazing runs!!!!!! Getting a big hug from Dennis Martinez who was right there on the floor with me, celebrating with Annette Alfonso, Kat Brown, Barbara Andrea and Francisco Berjon ! I only missed not having Sharon Gutierrez or Rafael Quiñones and the rest of the Puerto Rican Posse here, but it was awesome to laugh at the play by play by messages as they were watching from home.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed being back at a big event until these last two weekends (Cynosport and Open)…This is why we do this, to have fun with our dogs and enjoy the wonderful friendships and experiences they bring to our life. I am beyond lucky! Con el corazón hinchado!!!!!!!! I will leave you with my favorite Carrie Fisher quote, because my Rebel is named in honor of her Princess Leia:

So much of agility is simply LUCK, train your dog, try your best, show up, and ENJOY THE RIDE!