Puppy Clinic in Palm Bay, FL – November 17, 2019 6-9pm


Whether you are hoping for your next performance prospect, or simply an all-around companion, we all hope to give our young dogs a Fantastic Beginning.  Starting your puppy on a Fantastic Path requires:

–          that you build and nurture its confidence in interacting with the world around it and all the newness within it,

–          that you help them overcome fears and insecurities, with patience and understanding

–          that you build your relationship and teamwork by playing games and honing both your training skills by developing appropriate games that will give you both skills for a lifetime.

–          that you help them understand their body by strengthening their physical and athletic skills in a way that is safe and, most importantly, FUN!

Space is limited to 8 working teams.  Will work indoors and outdoors. Clinic will be held at our location in Palm Bay, FL.

Sunday, November 17, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm $65

You can pay through paypal.me/sheyladogs (enter amount, $65, and make a note with you and your dog’s name and the name of the clinic)

If you are interested or have any questions, Contact Me.