AKC Trick Dog Evaluation with Video Verification

The AKC Family Dog Program announced that dog owners may teach their dogs tricks at home and submit a video to an AKC CGC Evaluator for review and approval. This applies to all levels of AKC Trick Dog training.

If you are interested in having me evaluate your trick video, below is more information as provided by the AKC.  There are a few new steps for video submission so please read all documents carefully.

To start, print out the usual Trick Test Application form as well as the Trick Checklist for the level you are testing (found HERE), make note of the tricks you want to use, if you have a CGC or not, your dog’s name and dog’s registered AKC number.

If you plan on doing multiple level titles, it is a good idea to print out all three forms and mark out the tricks as you can only reuse a few tricks (with specific variation criteria as noted on each form) for different levels. My recommendation is always to “save” your more elaborate tricks for the more advanced titles 🙂 If you have any questions, or need ideas of tricks, please let me know. AKC has a whole list of tricks on their page, and of course, the internet is a great resource for trick ideas.

You will need to record a video of your dog performing the tricks.  You will then need to get the video(s) to me by posting to YouTube or any video sharing site and sending me the link.  Once, I have evaluated the video I send a form to AKC, and you send in your paperwork (see below).  You will need to make a separate video for each level.  If you need help with the forms, email me your questions.

These new procedures apply to all levels of AKC Trick Dog training. AKC Trick Dog resources can be found here.  

How It Works:

  1. Dog owners teach tricks to their dogs at home
  2. Click on the PayPal button below to pay for the Trick Dog Evaluation.
  3. The dog owner sends a video (via a youtube link, etc) of the dog performing the tricks to the AKC Evaluator AND a scanned or photo copy of the Trick Dog Title Application as well as the applicable Tricks Checklist form with the tricks being performed checked off and the Dog Owner and Dog information filled out.
  4. The Evaluator reviews the video.
  5. Once the Evaluator reviews and approves the video, the Evaluator sends a copy of the Tricks Checklist and Video Verification Form
    1. to the DOG OWNER confirming that the dog passed the test, and
    2. to AKC at trickdog@akc.org

Then, to apply for the title, the DOG OWNER must send to AKC:

  1. a copy of the Tricks Checklist and Video Verification Form from the Evaluator (the Evaluator will also send a copy to AKC)
  2. the Trick Dog Title Application, and
  3. a $25 processing fee for each title submitted to the address on the top right of the Application form

I hope this covers all, but like I said, let me know if you have any questions!!!!!

AKC Trick Dog Evaluation with Video Verification

$12 per level