Annette Alfonso Seminars in Palm Bay, FL – January 28, 29 and 30 2022

Annette is an amazing trainer and handler, and I am really looking forward to this opportunity.  Annette and I worked very closely for many years, so our methods are very compatible and complement each other well.  I find her to be very animated in her teaching and creative in her instruction, and me and my dogs have always benefited from working with her.  She has great dog sense, and like me, recognizes that many agility problems are really behavior problems.  

Maximum 8 working spots per clinic. As usual, I am only sending this out to current students to start, but it will be sent out as a general announcement later on, so please try to reply ASAP to reserve the topic you are interested in. Once we receive your email, you will receive a confirmation and a link to reserve your spot.  A $100 deposit per spot will be required to hold any working spots.

More details on her and what she will be teaching are below:

FRIDAY January 28, 2022 from 8:30am to 4:30 pm – All About Verbals!
  Learn how to teach, advance, and proof verbals in a way that will clear up confusion on course and provide a competitive advantage. Participants don’t have to be jumping full height and we can even use cones/wings/lower bars for younger teams. Dogs must be able to perform a tunnel somewhat independently.  A tunnel and 1-2 jumps will  be used. This is a great seminar to get your Pup started, or to polish skills with your seasoned teammate!  

SATURDAY January 29, 2022 from 8:30am to 4:30 pm – Discrimination Skills This workshop will test your dog’s understanding of verbal cues and ability to perform obstacles independently. Contact Discrimination, Tunnel Discrimination, and Verbal Cue Discrimination….agility is all about making the right choice! We will focus on your handling as well as your dog’s ability to keep the line you have set and not take their obstacle of preference!
Having these skills to your tool box can provide you with a great advantage on course.
Appropriate for excellent/master level teams.  

SUNDAY January 30, 2022 from 8:30am to 4:30 pm – Mastering Crosses Do you frequently find yourself debating when to use one vs the other or which choice may be better for your dog? In this workshop, we will break down the skills needed to confidently execute FX, RX, BX and discuss their appropriateness for use on course.
You will have the opportunity to improve the flow and timing of your side changes by practicing your footwork and handling cues.
Appropriate for dogs currently running jump sequences/courses    

Seminars will be held at my home field in Palm Bay, FL, so we will have a maximum of 8 working spots.   

Cost will be:
$220 for One Day
$420 for Two Days
$600 for all Three Days


Annette Alfonso BIO

Annette is an accomplished trainer and competitor from Puerto Rico who turned her passion for training into a profession in 1997 after spending several years traveling the country performing with her canine team as part of the Purina Incredible Dog Team. She has competed with her dogs at numerous national and international events and has had the honor of representing Puerto Rico at the WAO in England (2011), IFCS Worlds in Texas (2012), WAO in Spain (2013) and IFCS CCOA (2014). In 2013, Annette’s dogs Poison and Legend competed and placed second at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge (Eastern Region). Outside of the competition ring, Annette’s canine team has performed in front of the camera for TV/movie work and advertising campaigns.As much as she enjoys performing with her own dogs, Annette thrives on coaching others to be the best they can be and helping students achieve their training goals. Annette has been part of the AKC European Open Team USA management team since 2017 and started her role as Assistant Team Coach in 2019 and then as head coach in 2021. Annette is the owner of Achieve Agility, LLC ( with locations in Florida and South Carolina.